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    Wine Conference Inspires My Wine Colored Accessories Shopping Spree…

    September 6th, 2016 by GabAbout

    In doing the Research for the Wine Tourism Conference…

    Hats – Headwear is part of my list…

    Only Faith
    Women Fashion
    Baseball Cap
    Colored Velcro Adjustable Hat
    (wine red)

    Only Faith-caps
    Only Faith Women Fashion Baseball Cap
    Colored Velcro Adjustable Hat

    Product Description

    Delicate embroidery, fashion color

    Breathe freely, sweat, necessary in summer

    Many colors for your choice

    Hip Hop Trend

    Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
    Crown design: dome
    Eaves shape: flat eaves
    Brim design: extended eaves
    Extended brim uv protection
    Brim: 3.15″, 23.62″crown,adjustable slide closure

    MORE Information – Click Here


    I’ll either share more here or on DaHats
    Hatsville Facebook Page:


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    Wine Tourism Conference – Are You Attending

    August 24th, 2016 by GabAbout

    Are you also getting ready to attend the Wine Tourism Conference ??

    I’ve been shopping for days…

    My first item on my list:
    special book to make the most of the trip – might not get back to that
    area ever again and want to do as much as possible…

    Wine Tourism Around the World


    UNWTO Wine Tourism Conference
    Gathering Experts From Around The World
    Details HERE Wine Tourism Conference Details



    Exploring Wine:
    The Culinary Institute of America’s
    Complete Guide to Wines
    of the World
    (Hospitality, Travel & Tourism)


    Extreme Wine:
    Searching the World for the Best,
    the Worst,
    the Outrageously Cheap,
    the Insanely Overpriced,
    and the Undiscovered



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    David Soul – Research

    July 22nd, 2016 by GabAbout

    Remember David

    I do…

    I’m doing a research project related to David Soul

    for another online project of mine…

    The research is fun… interesting… Plus +






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    Working on a Sammy Hagar Project…

    September 16th, 2015 by GabAbout

    He’s such an interesting person…
    and a Great COOK…


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    What Does Your Dream Seating Look Like…

    September 28th, 2014 by GabAbout

    Working on a Project Related to Seating…

    Planning to develop out a domain of mine

    What’s Your DREAM Seating Look Like ??


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    Bill Keller Editor of The New York Times
    – The Marshall Project –
    Neil Barsky Wall Street Money Manager
    $4-5million Budget – Plans

    February 10th, 2014 by GabAbout

    Bill Keller, Former Editor of The Times,
    Is Leaving for News Nonprofit

    New York Times:
    Formed late last year by Neil Barsky,
    a journalist turned Wall Street
    money manager, The Marshall Project
    is a nonpartisan news organization …

    Going to The Marshall Project

    Facebook Page for The Marshall Project

    Twitter Page for The Marshall Project

    The Marshall Project
    The Marshall Project is a
    not-for-profit, non-partisan
    news organization dedicated
    to covering America’s criminal
    justice system.
    New York, NY ·

    The Marshall Project was founded
    by former hedge fund manager
    Neil Barsky, who will serve
    as publisher. Mr. Barsky is
    also a former Wall Street
    Journal reporter, and directed
    the 2013 documentary film KOCH.

    The Marshall Project will have
    an annual operating budget
    of $4-$5 million, and a
    full-time staff of
    20-25 journalists.
    Funding for the Marshall
    Project will come from
    foundations and individuals.

    Mr. Barsky will continue to
    serve as the chairman of the
    board of overseers at the
    Columbia Journalism Review.

    The Marshall Project
    Twitter: @marshallproj

    Contact Us:
    Crystal Hayes: 212 803-5200

    Mailing Address:
    250 W. 57th
    New York, NY 10107
    Street, Suite 2514

    More About — Neil Barsky
    Interesting Man… CLICK

    More About — The Marshall Project
    It will be interesting to watch and
    be informed by the folks at
    The Marshall Project — CLICK

    More on Bill Keller — CLICK

    Bill Keller — Wiki Page — CLICK


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    Cookbook Project – This Week Crumb Cakes

    January 28th, 2014 by GabAbout

    Crumb Cake

    I’ve been doing research on a cookbook project…

    The past few days we’ve been looking through dozens and dozens of resources for various Crumb Cakes…

    That lead me to a Yummy one over at Martha’s Place

    This One:

    New York Crumb Cake is quite a popular

    item at Foster’s Markets in the

    Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.

    Owner Sara Foster estimates that her
    shops sell …  MORE


    Do You Have a Favorite

    Crumb Cake – or Any

    Type of Cake ??

    eMail Me…


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