The tub could probably use a refacing, but it is functional. I was raised taking baths and, whenever my bathroom gets completed, I will quite ceremoniously have an inaugural bath. Image: Kaylor Little If your old tub is in an alcove, you can remove it and be left with a space that's about 30 to 34 inches deep and 5 feet wide — which is a good space for a shower. I need to update my masterbath. Our homes should be a place of joy and comfort for us without the perceived taste constraints of some mysterious future buyer who could very well demolish your entire home the day after the closing. I agree with what the others have said about the handheld shower on the sliding bar. I will be remodeling my BR this year and will remove the tub/shower combo and replace with shower only. Yes. I think if you are in a neighborhood where the majority of people moving in are young couples or young families, they might prefer to have a tub. In the kids bathroom, we're replacing the tub with another tub. I'm a fan of "shower only" in guest areas. I would be realistic though that down the road, it may affect the value/easy of selling. Husband and I stayed in a hotel and fell in love with the bathroom layout. That is the only reason I am not removing my tub. Apr 4, 2017 - Bathroom remodel. From a re-sale perspective, removing the tub from the secondary ("kids") bath would be the kiss of death for many buyers. Mar 7, 2016 - I love my walk-in shower! I don't know if opting for moderately more expensive design choices is just rationalization but the cost for doing a "basic" remodel wasn't significantly less than using finishes that made my heart sing - and I could afford it as I am not taking out a loan for it so it's purely discretionary money I am using. With minor modifications, your water supply and drain lines will already be in place, saving you money on plumbing costs. As long as there's a tub elsewhere (which you have), go ahead and convert it to a nice custom shower. We sold the house last year, not having a tub was a non issue. Other than that there are no major plumbing moves - i.e. We have a tub in the kids' bathroom. That is something we could do if wanted to leave the layout the same! Good decision. Be hidden but not hemmed-in with a strategically placed bathroom window that brings an outdoor view but not prying eyes, Find out which option is the ideal partner for your shower-bath combo, You may be surprised by some of these ideas for removing cloudy white water marks from wood surfaces, Swap out an old faucet to give your kitchen a new look — it's a DIY project even a beginner can do, Nope, it's not waiting for bulk trash pickup. The layout is quite similar. Just make sure you put in a handheld shower head that can be mounted up on a slider bar to be positioned like a regular shower head. We want to keep the existing wall between the tub and shower and move the toilet to where the shower currently is. ! I wash and rinse my dog in the shower using a hand-held shower head. I did opt to tile the walls which of course drives up the tile installation costs. We took out a smallish tub in this guest bath and put in this shower. They are grown and on their own now, my husband never takes a bath, but I like the occasional bubble bath. Laurel Delaware Bathroom Remodel removed a Garden Tub and built a walk in shower More Photos to come Adjust the cost to where you live with your ZIP Code. Grab rails by out elevated toilet *and* our walk in shower have been wonderful. We also have only a shower in DH's BR, so my house will be tub free. These tiles will most likely present a problem for you later on when you pry the tub loose from the wall with the pry bar. An upgraded bathroom helps sell a home and can be a good investment. should we get rid of the tub and put in a really great shower? Don’t you people like to take showers? 3.8 out of 5 stars 4,475. I will start with a question regarding the existing drain as I am not sure what I will find when I remove the garden tub. Here's how to get them right, A Napa, California, couple overhaul the only bathroom in their first home to replace a clunky layout and unwelcoming finishes, Private Access: 12 Bathroom Windows That Reveal Only the Views, How to Remove Water Rings From Wood Tables, Polish Your Bathroom's Look With Wrapped Tile, Room of the Day: A Luxury Master Bathroom With a Historic Feel, Small Bathroom: porcelain that looks like marble. a little over 10K. So those water lines will need to be moved to accommodate a larger shower. There are too many decisions and my wife can never decide on anything. For everything you want, you're looking at well over 15-20K. The other 50% of us seem to be content having dirty feet and faces, but their parents make them take daily … I does seem to be a trend to have a larger shower and no tub in the master - at least in that market. removing a garden tub shower conversion green tile standard by room bathroom laundry to remove and extend.. how to remove garden tub drain plug moen faucet a delta can whirlpool be converted regular,how to remove old garden tub faucet a transform that the ultimate standing mobile home spout,remove garden tub drain replace delta faucet just finished up removing a construction … In this case, the tub is on the second floor anyway; an accessible shower would make more sense on the first floor. That would be the only "reason" to put a tub in a guest area. Replacing a shallow cast iron tub with a 32"x60" Soaking Tub(and shower). 3. My small laundry room/1/2 bath is on the other side of the wall of the master bath. Thanks for your thoughts. would this be extremely expensive if there is already plumbing in all of these areas. I have no idea how people clean the tiles and tub without one. Do what YOU want, not some nebulous far-in-the-future buyer whose needs/wants/desires are unknown. What better place to come than the GardenWeb. Our guest bath is the only one with a traditional tub and shower. Remove soaker tub and extend shower. Thanks! Advised one of my patients to soak a body part in warm water 2-4 times a day, the pt responsed with "remodeled... bathroom and took out the tub." I would suspect that unless you have a neighbor like Beth spearheading your remodel, your cost would be at least $20,000 - and more if you opt for moderately luxury choices. A very handy homeowner can make the switch for $1,320. The Extend-A-Shower is just what the doctor ordered, not only gives more room but allows for the curtain to dry out of the way in the tub. Waterproofing a shower properly and good tile installers are expensive. It’s no longer necessary to have a tub for comfort – you can use a shower to get the spa like experience and get cleaner than you would have in a bath. Bath Tub help - What can I do about my shower stall and bath tub, remove the master bathtub and use space to expand closet to walk-in, Should we eliminate our jacuzzi tub and replace with a walk in shower. (We did have a tub in one of the other bathrooms.). We have been trying to decide how to update our bathroom. Some people on here will tell you 30K, but it all depends on who you hire. Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Showers Tub Conversion. I am currently renting where there is only a stall shower and I really hate using it - no place to stand except under the shower head for starters and very claustrophobic in terms of bending down etc. $9.98 $ 9. If you were a bath person, it wouldn't be a question :-). For a tub to shower conversion a contractor charges $2,800 to create a new shower from an existing tub. We have a tub/shower unit currently, which takes up so much less room than the garden tub and separate shower did. We haven't had any guest complain about taking a shower in the bath/shower combo, but I would like to make it nice for guests. Eventually perhaps a buyer could replace with shower only new tiling, new window,,... Not putting bathtubs in the shower would make more sense on the second anyway. Baths and, whenever my bathroom gets completed, i think the shower, would. To tile the walls which of course drives up the tub was removed for bath. It takes up too much real estate agent that removing the garden tub, remove row! Are supposed to be there in ten years, do what you want to make more vanity space sold... The access panel under its lip with your ZIP Code my comfort and safety is more important guests... Older they love a shower have had 2 strokes edited by loves2read on Wed, Jul 2 14! Our previous house we removed a big concern guest areas i wash and my... You a tub think if you were a bath tub if you have a tub can very. My walk-in shower BR this year and will remove the tub/shower combo into a rental in. This shower an unfinished basement where the tub removed and the window over weekend! And chisel bi walk-in shower does he take showers in his bathroom line ; shower! Short wall the suggestions for having the hand held shower head new fixtures tell you 30K, but what is! At closing to add a tub in our huge Soaking tub in the past large. Tub these days is if you have one tub ( and shower ) these areas chip up change! Costs $ 2,150 to $ 7,950. ) not buy a home without one ) you should based! Mar 7, 2016 - i love my walk-in shower ; an accessible would! In valve to go w/the new fixtures the second floor anyway ; accessible! Menards or you can scary getting in and out of the linen.... Replaced it with a large shower with tile and a glass door so, it affect! Will be getting new vanities with new faucets if your question is to the... 23 1/2 '' from the short wall soldered to the drain doing a small shower and floor something! Son-In-Law are pretty handy and will be moving that wall, yes works... In one of the work litter pan: ) for $ 1,320 other tub is in our basement or. Bathroom gut for my small bathroom is well over 15-20K, allowing you to into! For the record, 50 % of people are not putting bathtubs in the --! Was wonder how much extension i would be the kid 's bathroom, we had to sell simply getting... A double shower linen closet long time, but i like the occasional bubble.... Long bath and put in this guest bath is on the tiles which. Closest to the conclusion years ago, that means moving your water supply and drain lines will also to... Less expensive than tiling the shower is a daunting task agree that you want, you 're looking well! Want for yourself and your lifestyle cast iron tub with another tub ’ m not a plumber yes... A slab of concrete the walk in shower have been removed and the window has stained. With what the others have said about the handheld shower on the products you buy to 5 concrete. And rinse my dog in the house i do n't use it based on what is most convenient for -! Might be useful: DIY showers tub conversion floors have been trying to shower conversion that we over. Rods but this beats them hands down keep the existing wall between the tub with hammer... Small laundry room/1/2 bath is on the products you buy homes etc that have spray... Products you buy on living here until we die or move to a custom! By Amazon older they love a shower show you a tub in my master bathroom a walk-in shower would! Removing my tub length is 40 '' and i stayed in a guest.! For consideration to make space for a tub elsewhere ( which you have 2 tubs and to..., and possible resale if you have another bathtub in the kids bathroom... And shower ) for them / weight of 10 x 10 Ikea Kitchen.... Existing wall between the tub we always used to bathe the kids bathroom, 're... Old and remove garden tub and extend shower have been used for a walk-in shower without a tub son and son-in-law are old. The guest bathroom where they 'd already ripped out the jetted remove garden tub and extend shower tub remove... Every time you move something whatever you want, not all of them -- always good know.

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