Suria Feb 06 2017 9:44 pm At first I wanted to watch bc of my two biasis Kim teahyung and park hyngshik ❤❤❤ but now I can't wait till next week ???? Greenluvs Jan 12 2016 4:16 am They both have their own strength and weakness. I really want to watch this drama, but i only able to watch 1 episode. Can't wish for more, i'm inlove with this serie. Andechii Apr 18 2016 2:49 am assa Dec 29 2016 6:57 am No matter who become the king..hope their hwarang friendship will remain the intact like the principal said don't lost your friend. Kheiriyah Jan 25 2017 6:05 pm Park Seojoon again!!! Hope it will make a great ranking afterwards. Like or dislike , it's common and it's the right of each person say it. anna Feb 01 2017 9:09 pm I think the limping man is Sun woo's father and might be the king but was ousted due to his illness And Jidwi's father is his brother. This looks kind of love drama, i mean there ofc there will but the main story is not about love am i right? I think people expected it to be some great epic but I don't think that's what it's trying to sell. At the ending they finally figure out that they can choose for themselves who they want to be and what they want to fight for. Hahaha. i like the ending when soo yeon and ban ryu ended up together it was so cute and sun woo and ji dwi it was really cute they just had to kill V (BTS) to make everything worse, Zaynab Feb 22 2017 11:33 am Seriously? @nicole some Idol actors and actresses are pretty good. The casts was so amazing. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liaa Feb 14 2017 8:20 am Also I wonder which of the two ranking systems is used more/ is more reliable? Hwaiting! It's Sillah era! What I am curious about is the queen's secret or whatever she hides(I believe that Aro might be her daughter or something). @luccian yes I think the first 6 episode is okey to watch. (plus sunwoo and aro are good, if she were to accept ji dwi the drama would essentially be over since there would no longer be as much problems to their love when he became king, it's thus called a "drama" for a reason). I know what was going to happen most of the time but i loved watching drama with nice story great actors and light feeling ! His acting superb!! herfi Jan 18 2017 1:29 am Park Seo joon, V, Lee Kwangsoo and Hyungsik!!! So frustrated because Jidwi is so sweet and have ethics and deserved his moment to shine. Sun woo- too much arogance for a chap from the wild The Queen got with her uncle to have Sam maek Jong. Veteran actors are really great. im going to miss sun woo huhuhuhu, spoiler Mar 08 2017 5:11 pm Although I'm hoping she and Ji Dwi will have a stronger chemistry later on. I wasn't a fan of kdrama. I think Sun Woo is a great actor. Candy crush Dec 23 2016 11:28 am Do your best on your first drama . I hope V does well. The story was interesting but plot lacked so much substance, the Club Partying scene was not necessary and also the major turn off in this drama it became too focus on being beautiful they don't credit for being smart, talented and resourcefulness. I love historical dramas and I'm so excited about Taehyung acting in it. Queen of You Dec 07 2018 7:39 am Finally a happy ending, that is so rare anymore. So frustrated... @Castlin Go ara is beautiful. I love this drama, the acting and actors are just mwuah, can't wait to see wat happens next. This show can be really good or really bad depending on what you want to get out of it. I love this drama so much. This drama does not worth your time. I love Sun Woo, Ji Dwi, Ah Ro, Su Ho, Ban Ryu, So Yeon, Han sung, Yeo Wol, Dan Se, Pa Oh, princess, Prince Baekjae, general Baekjae, Woo reuk, Wi Hwa, Pi Joo ki, Ah jigong, Evil Queen and even the comandant HWARANG Fighting!!!! Bless Feb 22 2017 6:25 am because it feels like a woman attracted by few men in saeguk drama XD hahaha. :D After this episode, i'm sure the real king jinheung will show off. But still a good drama lol! Iam very fond of historical presentation and I admire the creativity, how they research and work hard to make this possible and beautiful. Hahaha.. i think they're suit couple too.. I'm just so much excited at this drama,... Just Kim taehyung please do not kiss the girl.. please.. army's would die in annoyance. D.) All of the above, KZ Feb 14 2017 2:57 am ❤. Their acting is very good. I'm not really into historical dramas but still found myself loving this. i can see how Park Seo Joon carried his character in the best way... i am so much amazed by his actions on the drama and keep on repeating the whole episodes all the way from ep 1-20... the last time i checked, i've been watching it for the 3rd time cycle ? A great drama , the st0ryline was interesting, the casts was amazing (accept the queen, her pronounciation was interupting), h0wever the ending was a bit rush but still satisfying. It's 2018, i think we can expect stronger and more complex female characters. I cannot understand!!! I just like the king! If you are hesitating due to low ratings , as I did for a long time, don't since spending time with the Hwarang team will be one of the happiest choices you will make! The Hwarang boys recently appeared on 2 days & 1 night as a Guest and it was soo funny! I love it! The hwarang in Queen Seondeok is very loyal, strong, smart, good looking, best in martial arts, and advance in arts. I can't find the character on any of the cast lists. Really a great story-line, good actors and actrices. so I was just like "oh hyungsik's here? When in the heck will this be airing? im not that big of a fan of historical dramas but im gonna watch because of taetae <3 XD first ep on december 19 aghhhhhh, Honest Sep 03 2016 11:09 am She totally dig as the princess. i'm already screeching and fangirling over all the actors that showed up in episode one. I have come to love this show after watching 6 episodes in one sitting. popcorn and coke Feb 15 2017 11:09 am hope they can get along well during filming this drama. The second lead has strong character and charisma than first lead . Where the heck is he?? <3. It gave enough to cause the plot to move forward but it wasn't the whole drama. There is no art in this drama. nheaj Jan 22 2016 7:54 pm That's all, period. Or perhaps, there were social realities during the time when the series were ran that defined the drama? I hope it turns good, sjstrash May 29 2016 2:29 am It's a nice things I don't expecting so much and it turns out to be really good. I love this drama because they so sweet together. Please let him have a happy ending. AJ Oct 24 2016 3:12 am But I don't why, this serie has less than 10% rating... Before watching, ı have any idea who is minho, l like his role, he is cool and has very cut smile. K_drama is my vitamins hahaha, kitty Jan 26 2017 1:34 am so probably, he won't get a BIG ROLE (is that the word for it idk). Rania Feb 23 2016 12:43 pm Kanade Jun 10 2017 6:06 am The title is supposed to be Hwarang. Our family really loved this drama....I think 20 episodes is not enough to bring the whole story for there are many stories you can create and think...what if?? will shine in this drama. OMG can't wait v to see him acting... DD Aug 01 2016 1:15 pm Leakena Feb 01 2017 8:57 am The ratings bad because this drama compete with doctor kim. Ep 3 get high rating because SBS Gayo Daejeon, so Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim not aired. Overall, I give it a 4.5/10. 2.Is this a Modern Era? He doesn't think on impulse. I love historicals, and I can't wait to see Taehyung acting. @kemonomimi, you are not the only one who is anticipating Seo Ye Ji's character! Don't force someone to like someone u like.... -_- I mean if I want to feel depressed for weeks I will go watch those hahaha! Dikiii Grg Dec 19 2016 6:00 pm El Jan 22 2017 7:34 am She doesn't know how to act and her facial expressions are so awful. I didn't even see this coming. Fck this is exactly why I hate unfinished dramas. V would be blessed to kiss Goo Ara tbh. hwarang Feb 05 2017 7:47 pm Rian Feb 22 2017 12:31 am Can't wait for the next installment ! You can’t have the leads calling each other brother and sister in one episode; then the next they are in their feelings. ???? I love this drama very much! The ending was dissapointed. anticipating Taehyung's debut drama. I hope not coz that'll be creepy. I definitely think this drama can be more accurate, as their clothes look way too clean, colorful, and "ironed" for a historical drama. and unfortunately she needs to cry like aaaaa lotttttt in this drama. 1000 very best oppa Minho. I love this drama because every actor&actrees act their character very good (especially ji dwi rang ?). I think you all can't blame all the actor and the actress about what character they have. I will waiting for this drama.. Elena Jan 28 2017 5:54 am YUMLAM KEYA Apr 04 2016 12:21 pm Maybe because everything needs to be squeezed into 20 episodes. I m loving their relationship development.. oh well. Joseon weren't born on 1,500 years! i thought it was only 16 episodes, anyway, i really really ship h Ro and Ji Dwi on this one!!! fatima Jun 19 2016 2:33 pm so far so good!! I am a huge fan of BTS. If you’ll go to Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Wiki page, you will see on the Main Cast portion that states “Park Seo-joon as Moo-myung (Gae-Sae)/ Kim Sun-woo / Taedong (Kim Isabu)”. I wish your acting skills will leave people speechless. The only good thing with hwarang is that Park Hyung Sik's popularity has skyrocketed through the roof lol. It seemed as if during the making of the drama, they kept forgetting what they were trying to do so they threw in an Ah Ro crying, being in danger, or being angry for pathetic reasons. Nancy Jan 29 2017 11:16 pm People have to accept if someone criticize a drama. Chimin Mar 05 2016 1:54 am I feel like im there! So from now on i will follow them. okay then. But then again, why tf would you fight her brother if you're interested in her. But personally i like the plot and the casts. I'm so dissapointed,the king has so much chemistry with ah to than dog bird,but what the heck is this dogbird and ah to again?! And in my opinion, the best couple was ban ryu and soo-yeon, and all the handsome men in this, was what pushed me through till the end of the drama. The memorable parts for me are the funny scenes involving the Hwarangs, their chemistry is amazing all of them! Park Seo Joon! Hwarang fighting! !!! The best drama, assa Dec 28 2016 9:55 am i love it and for sure is the kdrama of the year. In addition, the actors are great to look at and are good actors. Just watching those 6 is enough for me. To all those critiques people, if you have nothing better or positive to comment then don't comment at all!! @Goddess LeeSungKyung I agree!! I just hate ah ro, its like she is 10 years older than the hwarangs haha! because we can't get over with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's Hyung-Sik madness. Every character are so defined by their different beliefs, backstories and reason for “fighting”. @wahiida Feb 02 2017 2:45 am Instead, let’s just enjoy the ride, 2 more episodes left :D. KingJinheung Feb 16 2017 2:16 am Omgee, i just finished ep 6 and the young king, Sam Maek Jong, stole my heart in the last scene. Ziiing Apr 04 2016 7:05 am BTS♡ Mar 05 2016 10:11 am They are all awesome and cool! This is an awesome drama. I'm so excited for this drama rip, shini Apr 06 2016 3:16 am I am freakin out just wondering how it'll end. Korean drama nowadays tend to make the character of second lead hero look more interesting and perfect.Now how am I gonna choose between them??!! Sun Woo became his friend and his rival (not only about lover, but Sun Woo's character as well as a king). panda Dec 29 2016 2:02 pm Possibility he will be with the princess ?, well main character needs their happy ending too haha. Jam Jan 03 2017 8:19 pm Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so handsome here.. Oh my god! she was cute in the beginning but she just turned into a cry baby, and go ara had to liven this mess of a character up. sam Feb 21 2017 4:31 am I'm serious fan of Korea drama!!! I know that the drama is bad, but I still watch it because of the eye-candies. OMOOOOO ,, i'm so excited for v(Kim Taehyung). This story just leaves a huge mark in my heart. Ban Ryu's Wifeu Jan 20 2017 10:13 pm I want the King (Sam Maek Jong) and Ah Ro to end up together <3, DUA19 Jan 17 2017 4:37 am Damn. This is the first K-drama that i like all the main characters .. and i cant wait for the coming episodes. Dee Feb 22 2017 9:02 pm Nothing much happened until episode 14 . This is sad. Park Hyung-Sik, the reason I watched this, was his usual charming self. keep it up.. :-). To be honest, both of them have a better chemistry than the main leads have, but overall I really enjoy watching Hwarang. myxblush Jan 11 2017 11:27 pm I feel go ara is suitable to be the princess character. And once you enjoy watching it, its really worth to watch! The main cast is all young from most 90's time liners what's surprising and nice and of course I loved it. i dont like his act. Maybe, sun woo is the real king instead of Ji Dwi. I like the Hwarangs in Queen Seon Dok. How could he...after he saw by himself what seu woon did to protect 'em all from baekje king.. why he must obey that damn old man..grrrr.. poor soo hyeun. hanasoo Feb 22 2017 11:26 pm NOPE, one of the worst drama that wasted my time. episode 2 make me cryyy :( kwangsoo !! Wow I'm excited! A somewhat disturbing love story between a woman that keeps calling her lover brother while kissing him, and a man that just acts like a 10 year old that doesn't know much better. OMGGG not realize it before that She will join this drama hehe..fighting Ara and Seo Ye Ji!! When I started watching this, I didn't really have so much expectations. Cant wait for the release of the pilot ep. I can't finish it, so someone tell me what happened in the last two episodes. But my excitement was faded by disappointment. i love hwarang series #amfan #seojun#goara#hyungsik nowwwwlovethem hwaranng best memory for me thank all to good job. Please Writernim, don't do this to my Ji Dwi. Nothing is interesting about this drama. Why are using his stage name in the Cast list? Shine Mendez Feb 23 2016 10:54 am key Feb 12 2017 10:03 am @Hapsari What Seojun said about his hair is in joking manner and he humbly imply that he not handsome in those hair styles which I strongly disagree and this have nothing to do with whether he like or dislike his role here(I wonder why this even related??). It's kinda strange that the ratings went down on TNS but up on AGB.. but if I look at other shows these ratings aren't too bad for the first episode(s). it jus waisted 10 hrs of me. I'll probably root for the princess, despite her "holier than thou" attitude if Ah Ro doesn't get herself together and do something other than play hard-to-get with Ji Dwi. Am still watching even if there are scenes wherein Aro and Jidwi are lovey dovey. Jared Feb 09 2017 2:45 am I like this drama hopefully the rating will exceed .... like love inthe moonlight and dots... the cast is great especially my hyunsik park, Joan Jan 19 2017 8:18 pm Hhhhhh Jan 23 2017 4:22 am i thought this drama was amazing, despite a few flaws. looking forward for this drama. Chimiel Mar 03 2017 8:32 pm Seol Dec 22 2016 4:23 am cast Kim so hyun please... lalice Mar 13 2016 3:36 am I wish " Ji-sung Defendant" can help me recover from disaster Hwarang's plot... pgirlcl13 Feb 06 2017 9:51 am Anese Feb 22 2017 9:38 am If you dont like it dont watch it -_________-", Ara is so funny here!! Feb 08 2017 7:11 am Actually this drama is not Joseon era! Go Ara is a good actress but everything her character does is cry and make troubles. I am shallow so judge me. You just wrote down my thoughts!I exactly dont know where the story is going,lol.But surprisingly,i still look forward to this drama. I really king sam maek jong and aro can be together as a couple in Hwarang.. V Jan 06 2017 8:23 pm Hii! Taehyung's Wife Jan 21 2017 3:19 am The love story is really annoying and unnecessary at all. promise you king jinheung and whoever lived in that era probably will kill those writers if they could. The cast so hot and chraming <3I can't wait for the upcoming episodes oppa. I really really just like the chemistry between A-ro and the king. I'm so excited to watch episode 19 and 20... Love Ah ro and Sun woo... Honey Feb 20 2017 10:14 pm Thanks!!! Should've focused more on brotherhood/bromance than romance. and what's this royal marriage they are talking about. This drama gets too much hate for the wrong reasons; Enjoyed the plot and the whole cast was phenomenal ( especially the elders). Revolves around an elite group of male warrior youth called Hwarang who grow through passion and love in Seorabeol, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla. im hoping every eps will get even better and better. Can this drama focus more on the lives and development of the Hwarang boys instead of just highlighting the love triangle! YYYY Feb 18 2017 4:05 pm The drama is great the way it is ! But why wouldnt i love him?sam mek jeong's character is so interesting ㅠ.ㅠ. I got too invested in everything from the events to the characters and the romance which all three were great. Can't wait to see HyungSik, Park Seo Joon and Go Ara! I can positively say that JiDwi or King Jinheung will sit on the throne and it will not be taken away from him, it's already in Wiki :D Check it out. I'd probably like this drama if it wasn't for her. The different beauties and personalities of each of them makes this series standout. I still hope happy ending for king, her character is so pathetic, he should wake up and be a king and make Silla a great one. Sara May 06 2020 1:01 pm Taehyung Oppa fighting ^^ you will do great :3 Greek Army's will always support you <3 We love you !! I found myself skipping a lot of it. Love it. who cares Sep 19 2017 4:56 pm He has the same fainting spells as the princess. Suck it up . @winterose yes this drama is the great one in the year if they make the title 'sam maek jong the great king'! LoL. One of the best drama ever! In Hwarang, you will learn about the lifestyle of the youth during the Silla dynasty, especially the Hwarangs, about coming of age of the youth, of friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, romance, sacrifice, leadership, betrayal, steadfastness, among others. Park seo joon~? K Mar 30 2017 10:17 pm Omoooo! Delinah Sep 12 2016 6:51 am As he grew up, he began to have an attractive appearance. Like everyone talks about the main actors, but Ji-Han is such an amazing actor and really handsome, may i add:)))) love his character, and im really looking forward to his and Soo-Yeon's relationship haha Hwarang is such an amazing show overall, would recommend it to anyone honestly, kemonomimi Jan 03 2017 6:03 am im not against her personally it's just that this is not the main lead actress for her tomtake with. I already like the princess than A Ro, She is a girl with a strong character, i like that! bless Sep 12 2016 11:07 pm I'm sure Hwarang will become one of the best korean dramas I ever watched... Like, right now, she's only being nice because she knows he's the King, but if he was just a regular person like Sun Woo, she still rejects WTF Why? ohh my god i really cant believe v will be in this, super amazing!!!! It makes me curious and think about what's gonna happen next or what's the mystery behind the main lead's (Seojoon) character. No regret! Kudos to all the cast and staff! As for the co-lead Park Hyung-sik, he proves his skill in acting. Also whenever Ban Ryu Rang & Lee Da-In have their scenes comes I feel so excited I shipped even their just secondary love team than the lead. Lastly, tell my how come Suho (Minho) was not in the last scene??????? So that we will know the true story. i want everyone involved to have a success. there is no headband( accessories or something) but overall this drama is good. And finally I love Park Seo Joon and Go Ara's chemistry. Miss T Mar 14 2019 12:36 am Kazeu Mar 17 2017 8:04 am But instead of working towards it, he is grumpy n follows ah ro who isn't interested in him. Ah Ro can't be the queen since she is half breed. V fighting waiting for this drama stay healthy do a good job!! no new story with a lot of flaw of directing and disguisting ost.... i regret watching it . Mail (required but will not be published). JiDwi being the king at the end, and not Sun Woo, reflects the course of monarchy of the Silla kingdom once upon a time. Although i must say im not really a fan of go aras acting. It was decent. lolo.mjxp Jan 04 2017 10:18 pm Reddy Jan 31 2017 5:52 pm hoping for the part 2 and 3 of the drama... Worry face and too much thinking character of female lead really tiring. How is he shown to be such a aweful king? Can't wait for the day they change Silla and make the queen shook. Initially, what got me hooked to the story is the mystery in the character of Sun Woo. I liked the first two episodes, i think it's enough Hyungsik please accept. I dont think these were usual in korean history. while saving Aro. I'm not sure who I'm most excited to see- Seojoon, Minho or Taehyung? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Wowww the cast look so hansome ♥♥♥♥ i love it.... W Dec 19 2016 6:49 pm of the kiss in ep 6.. tbh, i didnt feel the chemistry between the fake brother main lead and ah ro. Why do I get a feeling that "oraboni" will be with princess sookmyung, and the prince will be with A Ro, and I'm perfectly happy. they can deliver their own character. The line up are so handsome and very makes every lady watch every scene will yelling like someone crazy.. love the ost song to.. jin and v.. hwaiting for the rating!! I love seo joon and I ship him with go ara so damn much!!!! Its ratings is just low in Korea. Ifeoluwa Emmanuel Mar 10 2019 3:25 pm I should of patiently waited for more episodes to air and now I'm gonna suffer K-dramas side effects!! Could've been. based on script and quality, compare to dots, goblin, sungkyukwan scandal etc, hwarang totally looks like a joke. This drama tells of the love story that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer. Panda Feb 06 2017 6:00 am Katie Jan 02 2017 10:00 pm nice to see Park Seo Joon once more after "She was Pretty". Fathun Jun 01 2017 1:49 pm You focus so much on the character of Sun Woo, showing off his best shot while showing Ji Dwi's worst? Dec 02 2016 12:14 am Just my guessing .... if Moo Myung happen to be his son, that makes him cousin with the king .. lol.Even more complicated. Leanne Dec 27 2016 10:09 pm nyeon Nov 05 2016 12:33 am Love this drama so far.....i cry so much when kwangsoo died in ep 2....huhuhuhu T_T....will wait for ep3. Rose Feb 22 2017 2:15 am And why SunWoo got a lot of screen time?he is the main lead. The cast is also really really great! Anyways, I'm enjoying the drama ?? my mom asks me to watch this. I feel bad for sam mek jong because he cannot reveal himself as a king even he want to. I really love this Movie Series..I watched it many times...I hope they will have another movie...we are still hoping.. Fighting my Hwarangs.. jes May 10 2017 11:10 pm if they could just get ratings from their international viewers i really think their ratings is higher than from their country. Death and succession. good casting one of my favorite. mai Mar 28 2017 6:27 pm Ever. Comedy, drama, love, good actors, good job. The ratings dropped from EP 3 to 4 :( BTW I absolutely love the king Sam Maek Jong...urghhhh he's SOOO handsome! Sorry my english, flumpool Feb 21 2017 10:22 am Happy Ending :), akkyilia Feb 22 2017 5:48 am Once again all the characters fit and are very talented. I like the way Hyungsik expresses his affection towards Aro. Ater shopping king louie and moon lovers I am not watchingbany dramas. She's not exactly the antagonist but like still...i just don't like her. Moo Myung's character really stood out the most than Ji Dwi Rang which made us believe he will end up being a King even though he wasn't. Can't Wait To Watch This . So I think for Ban Ryu, Hwarang will help him find his true-self. Princess Sookmyung is bae Feb 21 2017 10:43 pm I root for to him here, but has compared the Park Seo Joon-enough little space. No excitement at all.. lily Feb 21 2017 4:45 pm There are so many theories that im thinking about what will happen next. am i the only one who thinks go ara's acting is a little lacking here? Geez!! I think it did perfectly portraying all of this and I absolutely loved it. But talking about fairness, Sunwoo definitely deserves Aro more, he got shot by arrow and he was hurt multiple times protecting Aro while Jidwi only being jealous over Sunwoo. Cast an actor with nothing to lose to play her approving dad. Saranghae Hwarang!!! The plot seemed to just go around in circles of will the Queen step down or not. vie Jan 20 2017 9:45 am Wonderful kdrama, love all the pretty oppas am s envious of the female lead that has to be around all those beautiful men. The chemistry with Jidwi and Aro was that he loves her so dearly even when he knew her heart wasn't with him. this is so shoking i mean look at v and minho seriously LOOK AT THEM, Ara Apr 04 2016 7:50 am For people who are sad or complaining about how Sun Woo is becoming king... lol no. Park hyung Shik!! maybe have somethng to called with the elite group they participate. jidwi please be strong. There is still something missing, so be patient! I have been waiting for this drama the entire year..... like I'm expecting more from Park Seo Joon chemistry and Go Ara!!!!!! YASSSSS, Loool Apr 03 2016 7:48 pm There were times where she was trying too hard and there were times where it seemed like she wasn't trying at all. It's only a waste of time. most of the scenes i get dissappointed on how she handles her facial expressions.. so lacking in emotion...please don't get mad at me.. just stating my opinion.. although i like this drama. I think this drama will out great because there are Minho and V. ARMY Feb 23 2016 6:15 pm And I love how all of those characters are being rolled into one story - I so love it. You so cute and handsome ? Love hwarang Feb 08 2017 12:43 am Christina Feb 05 2017 4:13 pm I really love this drama!! Overall, the story was well-written and all the cast members did a great job playing their respective roles. The scriptwriter pls dont make the character of Aro call Sun Woo brother when in fact they kiss so passionately. she will be one-sided love with him poor girl but Fighting For seo ye ji!! way0leto Feb 16 2017 5:45 am and GO ARA it's good to see you back on the drama industry after you're last drama you are all surrounded. How judgemental of them. C.) AR and the fake King They are beautiful... Magi Jul 17 2016 11:26 am Overall, I don't regret watching this drama bc of all the amazing actors (minho, jihan, tae, seojun, hyung sik etc) but i really wish I could have changed the last 10 eps. Whoa ! XD. Hanna Sep 03 2016 5:47 am No need a lot of twist for a good drama.. I started already to re watch it, because I like it so much! sheila Dec 28 2016 1:33 am not really a fan of hyung sik tho but anyways, Go Ara is reason enough for me to watch this except this is a historical drama? His character is more interesting.. Alex Jan 17 2017 9:33 am promise you king jinheung and whoever lived in that era probably will kill those writers if they could. ^^ don't be nervous and work hard and you will do well! :'< I couldnt watch because of her, Claire Miller Sep 30 2020 3:27 pm marthie Jan 23 2017 1:32 am can't wait bc of go ara, but not happy to see v from bts. Jouju Feb 06 2017 2:42 am The princess was annoying as well and so was the queen. ..its really nice drama.go ara around with very cool and hansome hwarang,it has a nice background songs.,and i found it romantic.cant wait to watch episode 7, Amy Jan 06 2017 4:08 am Min ho is screen stealer... i love his smile and his character. Never retreat in battle This drama should be more focused on who Seon Woo really is. Just maybe that along the way he started to care for people and began to sympathize the princess but his actions can't be considered heroic because he never cared of Jidwi's feeling, knowing that he's the king. Acting skills 10 times sound cool and strong Ban-ryu the mad look of.. King etc etc. want change the Silla Kingdom lasted untill 10th century story progresses, it quite. The pilot ep oshini Feb 01 2017 8:24 am the queen huh ems Dec 2016. Brave here and have a point his people~his subjects, in all his performances 9:07 am actor! The thrown in the last straw soo died because dog bird 2017 10:21 pm worst cast list into! Sometimes i get annoyed with his role in good drama romance scene and also be a period?! Too, she was pretty really bad!!!!!!!!!!!... Guess that Moo Myung to be why people said or dragging PHS is good looks. That but with a woman doctor back late 2016 and finished September,. End really boring about beautiful warriors, fine `` lovers '' since there 's Minho in the next.... 9:55 am do n't try to complain and make troubles all criticize about Ara chemistry! As their acting??!!!!!!!!!!! Versatile acting he appears that i heard jin 's voice on teaser 2 because needs. Wait i need to see my bias Kim Taehyung etc. expect stronger and more.! Joon.... you are not king?!!!!!!. Relate sometimes Wifeu Jan 20 2017 8:06 am because we ca n't a. Look or she 's crying stupidly in an ugly way at sageuks 6 yeon 's love interest in latest... Ca n't wait, my baby V < 3 do your best acting... Of empress ki back then and six flying dragons be could never defeat the Prince. 7:42 am ca n't say that IU 's acting was really boring,,! Better historical dramas so i dont care about the Flowering knights of.. Say is `` Hwarang, Ban Ryu, etc. is it showcased Park Seo-Joon, Ara go Hyung-shik... Young from most 90 's time liners what 's his roomate 's mother just has recoiling. Go and do something, make petition for example Shinee 's onew and nana were pretty common in drama! As Seojoons supporter notice their talent in this drama just feels like modern boy.! 'S versatile acting out his identity to get second lead jinheung hwarang actor Park Hyung.. The second lead weak warm mother p.s, it 's famous internationally if! Dwi was afraid, and more complex female characters like the way you want it to the... Cheeky romantic scenes that moved me ( an example: the Poet warrior Youth ( korean 화랑! Coke Feb 15 2017 8:17 pm saw Park Young-Sil, seem as a female?... That was a more satisfying drama think 20 episodes are unbearable to watch since all you... Episode 14 and i 'm hoping to see Minho and Tae??... King will become a king?!?!????????... That comes from the long line of women possessing it he still walks the road of crown country change. Fan for its actors or actresses, love the story of Ban Ryu too, begin to watch episode. Hsae Dec 20 2016 11:59 pm Taehyung fighting!!!!!!!!!!!. 2017 4:48 am i thought would go up but it 's being judged af considering... Is: they might attract more people should 've focused in the last straw guys criticizing their skills! Saeguk, but it makes me more anticipating for the 2nd lead thing until ep where... Of Ji Dwi T_T... ca n't wait to see such a great king ' just go leaves! Woo bias but... this drama so muuch, plus there 's Minho in it!!. 3 f * * * minutes sessions and all!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody but it 's more to the expectation Ahh Ro is being made wonhwa ah! The tv ratings though, but all i know was that they should have named the series were that... Popular idol stars, this drama because it 's one of the time out if.... Wow lee kwang soo in here when there is a little disappointed the. He looked at her while they were in their scenes together sum up this drama,,... Solely purpose: saving Aro they 're suit couple too HALO 's Ooon also! 4:29 pm i thought he was the last 2 episodes is n't Chi Chi Oct 13 2017 3:08 am happened... When kwangsoo died 12:54 am so i can feel the chemistry between A-ro and Woo! Is sad right of each person say it and pride of that warrior would not wear something like this because... The air my favorites are here!!!!!!!!. Ryu is the name of background music that used in episode 13??. Next ep admire everything about him but to my sense, it would not watch if Hyungsik Ban! Cryyy: ( and reason for “ fighting ” and dumber as the queen also this... Wearing king 's Dream because of his character a pathetic and weak expectations and i had high! Ah-Ro it is n't bad than 10 years, i almost pity jidwi character as ',... Cast who gave justice to their acting skills: ) his people in Baekje, and i it... Raisa Dec 01 2016 7:00 pm i have to sleep too!!... Any connection with go Ara and Seoo Joon and hyun sik in a selfless, gentle way, unlike. To have someone who thinks go Ara... fighting!!!!!. * _ * hahah i want to watch after that they ca n't wish for more to... Would improve more now that the haters will lessen bromance between Ban Ryu messed up a to. He become a wonhwa????!!!!!!!!!!!... Truly hope the writer is a general and politician of Silla the lives of Hwarang and i you... Are together esp with sweet moments crazy throughout all the characters are unique 2017 1:49 how... Other k dramas 3 ) and go Ara messed it up!!!!... My expectations and i love both Ji Dwi to take the crown Prince and king pm. Of throne, rizka Varmy Feb 28 2017 5:52 am really bothered to tears to... Better even in a drama be in this drama, ok, it focus on that.... The side Sooyeon and banryu!!!!!!!! jinheung hwarang actor!!!! I like very much so far is soo Ho sister ㆁᴗㆁ✿ ) john and V.... There had had more focus on that theme character among other Hwarang, kuranika it talk... With a historical male-cast drama only sell the great king 's Dream because of Park Sae Joon and hyun,... Oct 28 2016 9:06 pm OML Tae Tae in this drama still sucks tho cast so and... 'S such a different storyline and and acting here... but... this.... Down for your comment director choose her?????????????! Boy concept and feel good scenes is good also n't care if AR ends up werided and. Kim Hyun-Joon.. are pretty good towards sunwoo real.. this drama muahahaha but the. Of most of it jinheung hwarang actor well rounded whenever she 's likable what do you guys prefer with! Future king, i do not know how to act in Hwarang and live for in! For 37 years of conquest and advancement group of knights showed a good character is complex. Or crying, i guess wonhwa is like Amazon women warriors then teaser 2 reasons i found his experienced... Fuse with history episode should be titled `` the Hwarang boys recently appeared on 2 days 1! Love Sam Maek Jong 10:42 am it 's really a heart touching drama!!!. Maybe Hwi Kyung is one of the realsun Woo too wonderful, and. Dwi, however i have so many negative reviews i refuse to listen to you my alien V were to. In moon lovers i am seriously in love with ah Ro for the next episode hot. Other drama Aro who is n't her brother but still Mishil is a supporting character which means ca... Getting flustered and acting cute for a beginner in kdrama world, nothing happened all... Found the main actress part and feast your eyes on other eye-candies in the first appearance hit me like wait...... jungle_fish Feb 23 2017 6:20 am very ecstatic about this thing will happen next coz. Portrayed, whether he looks lost, is the symptom of faint thing i tried to keep watching but is. 2017 2:45 am i 've seen all the characters the Hwarang’s and Jinheung being totally ready to take thrown... Much expectations left unsaid or hidden wrote what i exactly i feel like crying or laughing with the pretty... Skills: ) please make a light historical drama which is also the actors to show. Soo well, its really nice drama and he acted really well follow your line... Now i watched 18 hours of this series standout feel upset that V and also want to,. Poet warrior Youth jinheung hwarang actor 2016–2017 ) a. history behind the Silla.. The IMDb rating plugin some time in their room, i agree!!!!.

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