... Fur Auction. Beaver Castor 22.15 lb 18.72 lb $ 58.64 $ 2.67 $ 57.50 lb. brooklynbeaver: Hi there, does anybody know where to upload from such printable template to stretch and dry a beaver fur ? Select a region on the map to find out the contact information for that area and see the latest news, events, outdoor opportunities and other region-specific information. Read More . Dist. Here is a copy of the 2018 Furbearer Management update provided by the NYS DEC. I had some lynx , otter, red fox, and mink in that auction. Fur prices that is. We look forward to welcoming you back to NAFA in May. Fur Sale Results Join the Idaho Trappers Association. Feb 3, 2019 8:23:42 GMT -5 cheitzman : I have a blog called howtotrapraccoon.wordpress.com If you have time check it out and if you … Established in 2003, Kerry Taylor Auctions is the world’s leading auction house specialising in vintage fashion, fine antique costume and textiles. January 19th, 2019 Fur Sale Results. NAFA sells over ten million farmed minks per year and has the largest and most inclusive collection of wild fur as well as an extensive catalogue of farmed fox. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks...is divided into seven administrative regions, each with a main regional office. "To promote and enhance Canada's oldest land based industry and offer the best possible service and fur products for the benefit of all." Mink didn't sell, otter didn't sell, 2 lynx sold. See Details Here >> Donate Today Support your Idaho Trappers Association! The Top Lot of Beaver was purchased by A. Borello for Gianfranco Ferré Furs of Milan, Italy for $63. The Ohio State Trappers holds three fur auctions each year. Published on Jun 4, 2019 Outdoor life with Hunt4fish. Each FTA membership receives a free monthly issue by mail. We are delaying the start of our online fund raising auction until 9/12/20, the same day as our virtual meeting. Below are the results from the 2019 Arizona Auctions through Wednesday evening. Serge Lariviere | December 11, ... We are now about to enter the trapping season of 2020 and the fur from 2019 is still, for the most part, unsold. January 18th, 2020 Fur Sale Results. A withdrawal by NAFA from the wild fur market would leave North Bay, Ont.-based Fur Harvesters Auction with a virtual monopoly on wild fur sales in Canada. Upcoming Events Sunday, January 17th ITA Fur Sale. Learn More About Becoming a Sustaining Member! June - from 9. There were 4823 marten sold or consigned to auction. Video. An Order of Sale for the auction is provided after 11am on Sunday, which details all the lots available for sale. No lot numbers will be sold out of sequence. residing and trapping 2 -2.5 hours driving distance from Brooklyn for acquaintance and a master class on a field. District 9, Sale Results. No one shall have more than 5(five) bundles of any one species except for raccoon which may have 6(six). Doors Open at 7 AM | Auction Starts at 9 AM. Species Total Offered Total Sold High Bid Low Bid Average. The results of today’s wild fur auction show a general improvement in the atmosphere of the market. 6. UPCOMING FUR AUCTIONS: February 20, 2021. Beaver 44 19 $ 27.11 $ 7.12 $ 13.10. The fur is about to fly. District 10, PTA News, Sale Results. North American Fur Auctions is the second largest fur auction house in the world and the largest in America. Auction starts at 7:30AM. Kopenhagen Fur’s Auction Schedule 2019. Fur Auction. ... Our auction results are in pdf format, ... • February 2019 • March 2019 • January 2020 • February 2020 • March 2020. Fur Auction at Montour-Delong, Washingtonville (Doors open at 7:00AM, auction starts at 9:00AM, food available) January 10, 2021. The auction will end the evening of 9/25/20. Please note that the auction will begin with the sale of wild fur at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 30, and will conclude on Wednesday, June 5. Buildings will open at 6:30AM. we have some nice items lined up for the auction, and need a little more time to get everything ready for presentation to everyone, watch for another e-news with auction information, and also the OSTA website and Facebook page. July to 17. FEBRUARY/ MARCH 2019 AUCTION REPORT (Link to results above in better readable form) TEXT: 19-02-27 NORTH AMERICAN FUR AUCTIONS | 65 SKYWAY AVE, TORONTO, ON | 416-675-9320 | WWW.NAFA.CA 02/27/2019 Strong Opening on February Sale NAFA’s February sale opened strongly with the sale of select wild fur articles. Number of Arctic Fox was higher at 82 - only 14 pelts brought in last year. See 241 prices and auction results for Shaker Auction 2019 on Sat, Jul 13, 2019 by Willis Henry Auctions Inc. in MA The Fur Auction has been a staple since the beginning, when the festival was named in honor of the economic importance of the Alaska fur trade. Articles include the FTA History, Trappers Guides and much more. 2019 Fur Auction Results . The sale of Timber Contact us now to learn more! Erie-County-Trappers-2018-fur-handling-seminar/ November 7, 2018. Fur Market Report December 2020: Results Are In After Season’s First Auction. Click here to view some important rule changes for the annual fur aution. We have results from over ten years for your comparisons. Roger Macy 785-346-2076 | fur auction contact and lot numbers. 11 2019 fur sale results with new logo. Colorado Trappers and Predator Hunters Association, I want to sincerely thank you for presenting me with the 2018 Wildlife Professional of the Year award! Nov 20, 2019 18:42:01 GMT -5 brooklynbeaver : Still looking for somebody ( mentor ?) 2020 Fur Sale will be held Friday and Saturday, February 7-9, 2020 Fur Sale will be held at Juab County Fairgrounds in Nephi, Utah; Check in fur Friday, Feb. 7 - Noon until about 6:00 pm and Saturday, Feb. 8 - 8:00 am until about 2:00 pm; Buyers will grade fur Saturday and Sunday with results posted by … For any questions, contact Byron Tiede at (219) 863-3803 or email at dogman@honeycreekboardingkennel.com. Green fur (raw skinned or on the carcass) are consigned Sunday morning from 9-11am. Badger 14 12 $ 32.00 $ 8.00 $ 15.67. For more information, please contact a member of our Auction Team on 01832 732241 or use the links below to email a team member: Alastair Brown Jake Wagstaff View the entire magazine at your leisure exclusively on the FTA website. Overall from all auction companies. The fur trade was Alaska’s third most valuable industry in those days, so incorporating the industry into the celebration was a logical idea. Thrapston Fur & Feather: 9.00am (1st Saturday of the Month, with Mid-Month Sales March-October) - CANCELLED Until Further Notice . Total Auction Sales $11,402. 2020 Fur Auction Results; 2019 Fur Auction Results; 2017 Fur Auction Results; 2018 Fur Auction Results; 2016 Fur Auction Results; 2015 Fur Auction Results; Photo Gallery. Please keep in mind these reports consist of the raw results witnessed during the live auctions and may not include every post-sale “off the block” transaction. Cattaraugus Trappers 2019 Fur Auction. The November 2019 edition of the Fur Taker Magazine is now online! The 2014 fur table brought 211 trappers who had fur sales of $239,421. Fur Harvesters Auction, North Bay, Ontario. Some results from the fur auction at Nafa Feb 27/28 2019. The 2013 fur table brought 219 trappers who had fur sales of $618,252. 5. 2018 NYS DEC Furbearer Management Update. Single Queen - $52.60 including tax 2 Queens - $63.40 including tax View Map ... Print Flyer 2020 Results 2019 Results 2018 Results 2017 Results 2016 Results. June to 12. ( Marten peaked in 2013 at 6875). By Toby Trigger. TEXT: PRELIMINARY ORDER OF SALE 3,567,000 MINK THURSDAY, MAY 30 Wild Fur 12:30 PM Total: $250.9M Sell-through rate: 81 percent (2660/3294 lots sold) Thank You Letter. NAFA's May/June auction runs from May 30 - June 5, 2019, on show May 25. 7. Green fur is not graded, and all your items are sold as one lot. November 28, 2018. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the … December 12, 2004 Auction in Dixmont. September 26, 2018. FUR SALE RESULTS – JANUARY 26, 2019 . June | Digital auction July - from 10. Compare Maine prices to other fur auction prices at North American Fur and Fur Harvesters websites: Central Maine Chapter of MTA. Some of the May action results from NAFA and Fur Harvesters for the trappers wild fur. Across the North trappers are waiting for their cheques from the first auction of 2018. All fur must be graded, numbered accurately and tied in bundles to be sold. D9: Northeast Regional Coyote Hunt. Fur Auction Rule Changes. The company traces back to 1670 and has roots to the Hudson Bay Company. RATE CODE: Western States Fur Auction. Come to Groenewold Fur & Wool Co., a fur buying company experienced in American raccoon, muskrat, red fox, grey fox, beaver, otter, mink, opossum and other wild furs. As with finished fur, you will first complete a consignment sheet. The Fur Auction has been a staple since the beginning, when the festival was named in honor of the economic importance of the Alaska fur trade. Auction dates 2020. Read More . February 3, 2018 PA Trappers. How The Auction Works. 5.3K likes. Lot numbers 1-20 must be checked in by 7:00 AM. The fur trade was Alaska’s third most valuable industry in those days, so incorporating the industry into the celebration was a logical idea. Ranch Silver Fox sold 65% at levels very firm to recent international auctions. March 9th, 2019 Fur Sale Results.